Forensic Center

General information

According to the order of the Rector of the PNU them. Vasyl Stefanyk №155-k from December 13, 2007. Item number 3.

In the Law Institute since 15.10.2007 Forensic Center was established in the structure of which the following divisions were introduced:

Forensic Laboratory, Head of Forensic Laboratory;

Photolaboratory, head of the photolaborator;

Forensic landfill, head of forensic landfill;

Computer class, engineer technician;

The post of head of the forensic center was introduced.

Forensic Laboratory

Forensic Laboratory: Audience (No. 02)

It is used as a methodological class for conducting mainly theoretical plan for students with full-time and part-time forms of study, as well as practical and seminar sessions on the course “Criminology”, academic disciplines of the student’s choice, “Forensic examination” “Forensic investigation of weapons and ammunition”, ” Forensic Information “,” Fundamentals of Operative – Investigative Activity “.

Forensic landfill

Forensic landfill: Located in a zero building of the old building (college). Consists of 5 rooms and a large hall. The rooms are imitated for a shop, a room for a narcotic detonator, a living room with a corpse found, a room simulated for an apartment, and an investigator’s office. Available sand and soil strips for making gypsum casts of human footwear tracks and vehicles, objects with traces of firearms, accessories for fingerprinting of living people and corpses.

Scientific and technical forensic means are used for the individual laboratory and practical work out of tasks from the section of forensic technology, traces – objects, traces – reflections, tactics and methods of investigation of certain types of crimes, the development of individual investigative actions.

Computer class

Computer class Use to hold classes on the basis of informatics, and also used as an Internet class and access to the Internet and internal network of universities and student testing.



Head of the forensic center: Tymchyshyn Mykhailo

Head of the forensic landfill: Cherepii Petro

Computer engineer technician: Humenytskyi Mykhailo

Teachers of Criminalistics:

senior lecturer Tymchyshyn M.

Candidate of Law, lecturer. Kaduk S.

Candidate of Law, lecturer Krul S.



phone: (0342) 59-61-13