Scientific schools

The creative work of the teachers of the Institute (in particular the professors Luts V., Fris P., Vasylieva V., associate professors Kobetska N., Vivcharenko O., Prystash L., Lohvinova M., Zagurskyi O., Bahai N.) a number of textbooks, monographs, manuals, collections of tasks, lecture courses etc. were prepared and published.

Vasylieva V. in recent years has published over 80 printed works, in particular 1 textbook, 2 monographs, 11 educational and teaching aids, etc. General creativity of prof. Fris P. makes over 130 scientific works. He is the author of 2 textbooks on criminal law, monographs, etc. An important component of ensuring the content of training lawyers is the preparation of textbooks, manuals, methodological recommendations.

The Department of Civil Law is the center of the Precarpathian Civic School, founded by Professor, Doctor of Law, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine V. Luts and formed by the professor V. Vasylieva, the history of civilization development in the Carpathian region and the significant contribution of the teaching staff of the department to the training of highly qualified lawyers-practitioners and scientists of private law in the Precarpathians.

Scientific researches of the department are conducted within the framework of the scientific theme: “Legal problems of the realization of property and personal non-property rights in the conditions of a market economy” (state registration number – 0110U001557).

The main results of scientific work are professional articles, theses of conferences, defended candidate dissertations in which the civil-legal regulation of corporate legal relations is investigated on the basis of a new legislative base; scientific and theoretical substantiation of improvement of the current legislation in the field of civil legal regulation of property and personal non-property rights of individuals and legal entities; development of perspective legislation in the field of contract law, identification of features and improvement of legal norms in the field of regulation of family law and relations of intellectual property rights.

The results of dissertation research and other scientific searches are reflected in numerous monographs, manuals of the faculty of civil law department.