Scientific conferences

As a rule, at least ten scientific and practical events are held annually on the basis of the Educational and Scientific Law Institute.

In 2018, seven scientific and practical conferences, competitions of international and all-Ukrainian levels took place. Among them (given in chronological order):

1) All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Treaty as a Universal Form of Legal Regulation”, March 16, 2018;

2) International scientific and practical conference “Formation and prospects of development of the state system of protection of critical infrastructure in Ukraine. Criminological assessment of risks and threats “within the scientific direction” Policies in the field of crime prevention “, April 26-28, 2018;

3) annual scientific and practical conference “Improvement of legal regulation of human and civil rights and fundamental freedoms”, April 27, 2018;

4) annual scientific conference “Legislation of Ukraine: A View of Young Lawyers”, April 27-28, 2018;

5) XVII International Scientific and Practical Conference “Corporate Law of Ukraine and European Union Countries: novels of legislation”, October 5-6, 2018;

6) VІІ All-Ukrainian competition of scientific works on corporate law “Improvement of legal regulation of corporate relations”, November 23, 2018;

7) International Round Table on the Role of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations in 1948 in shaping the fundamental foundations of the legal system of Ukraine: History and Modernity, organized by the Department of Constitutional, International and Administrative Law, December 10, 2018.

Particular attention deserves two traditional powerful conferences, which are devoted to issues of corporate law, policy in the field of fighting crime and is a business card of  Law Institute.


Also, a number of scientific and practical events of the regional level were conducted on the basis of the Educational and Scientific Law Institute. Among them are round tables “Corporate law: the doctrine and practice of application” (January 16, 2018), “Application of the current norms of civil procedural law in the work of the guardianship authority of Ivano-Frankivsk” (March 19, 2018), ” Actual Problems of Ensuring Constitutional Human Rights and Citizen in Ukraine: Theory and Practice “(June 26, 2018).

The scientific events of the Law Institute were attended by representatives of a large number of educational institutions and institutions of legal status, in particular:

National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine;

Research Institute of Private Law and Entrepreneurship of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

Institute for the Study of Crime Problems of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

Kyiv National University of Law;

Institute of State and Law of them. V. Koretsky National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

National Law Academy of Ukraine named Yaroslav;

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University;

Odessa National Law Academy;

International Humanitarian University;

Kyiv National University of Internal Affairs;

Odessa State University of Internal Affairs;

European Academy of Human Rights;

National University of the State Tax Service;

National University of Natural Resources and Natural Resources of Ukraine;

National Pedagogical University named after M. Drahomanov;

National University of Ostroh Academy;

Kyiv National Linguistic University;

Lviv National Ivan Franko University;

Lviv State University of Internal Affairs;

Opole University (Opole, Poland);

Precarpathian National University named after Vasyl Stefanyk;

Academy of Customs Service of Ukraine;

Chernivtsi National University named after Yurii Fedkovych;

Volyn State University named after Lesia Ukrainka;

Ternopil National Economic University;

Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law;

University of Economics and Law “KROK”;

Dnipropetrovsk National Mining University;

Luhansk State University of Internal Affairs named after E. Didorenko;

Lviv Academy of Commerce;

Uzhgorod National University;

Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs;

Donetsk Law Institute of Lviv State Pedagogical University;

Cherkasy National University named after Bogdan Khmelnytsky;

Odessa National Maritime University;

Precarpathian Law Institute of Lviv State University of Internal Affairs;

Kremenchuk State University named after Mykhailo Ostrogradsky;

Donetsk Law Institute of the Luhansk State University of Internal Affairs;

Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture;

Lviv National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after S. Gzhytsky;

Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Law, Economics, Construction;

Ivan Danish Law University named after King Danylo;

Secretariat of the President of Ukraine;

Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

Court of Appeal of Ivano-Frankivsk region;

Economic Court of Ivano-Frankivsk region;

Court of Appeal of Chernivtsi region;

Kyiv District Administrative Court;

Ivano-Frankivsk city court;

Office of the Security Service of Ukraine in Ivano-Frankivsk region

Prosecutor’s Office of the Ternopil region;

Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region;

Association of Advocates of Chernivtsi region.

Ukrainian financial and industrial concern;

Odesa Regional Council;

State Department of Environmental Protection in Mykolaiv region;

Law firm “BAKT Lex”.

The teaching staff of the Institute actively participates in various scientific conferences on legal issues in Ukraine and abroad. At the various conferences abroad, 25 teachers of the institute visited, in particular, the Republics of Poland and Belarus, the Russian Federation, Hungary, Austria and Germany.

An important achievement in the scientific work of the Law Institute is the publication of its own collection of scientific articles “Actual problems of improving the current legislation of Ukraine”, which is recognized by the VAK as a special edition. In 2000, the collection was re-registered. Over the years of the book’s existence, 49 of its publications have been published, more than 1100 scientific articles of lecturers and 400 post-graduate students of the Law Institute have been published.